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Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss Stands Out!  And...earning the honors Best of Hernando and Best of Suncoast shows that our patients agree!

Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss is a physician designed weight loss program proven to be effective in supporting clients who wish to lose weight.

Individualized weight loss plans are created to meet each client’s needs and a team that includes physicians, a dietitian and nurses provides the support needed for success.

What Makes Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss Stand Out?

Our physicians understand diets, the metabolism and the many types of diets that are available today.  They continuously evaluate new supplements that enhance the metabolism and facilitate weight loss.  As we discuss the program with clients, we work together to determine the best path to reach his/her weight loss goals.

We will WORK TOGETHER: We start with a comprehensive evaluation that includes a physical as well as a meeting with one our physicians.  This meeting is to get to know each other, to discuss personal weight loss goals as well as to discuss any obstacles that may have interfered with weight loss in the past.

APPETITE CONTROL: We understand this is a very difficult aspect of weight loss. The choice is yours but many of our patients choose to use appetite suppressants. Depending upon daily habits and health, together we will outline an individualized program that may include:  appetite suppressants, supplements, diet and, of course, we encourage exercise.

Our DIET PLAN is designed to be EASY TO FOLLOW: Doctor’s Choice Weight Loss provides an easy to follow guide for each meal of the day for up to two (2) weeks. Menus are written in a format that makes shopping simple.  Recipes are included and ensure healthy nutrition.

FREE MAINTENANCE:  Take the Weight Off and Keep it Off!

Step 1:  Losing the weight.               Step 2:  Maintaining it.

We share our clients’ long term goal:  “To Keep it Off!”  Our program is designed to provide clients with the tools to maintain weight loss lifelong!




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