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Obesity Treatment | Longevity Weight Loss | New Port Richey FL | Spring HillAs medical research leads to a better understanding of disease, it has led us to a better understanding of how to manage disease. Each day we learn more about how illness changes the body and how those illnesses impact our overall health and life expectancy. The good news is that as we better understand what is happening to the body when an illness occurs. We also discover new and innovative ways to treat and manage the disease and it's symptoms. According to the US Census Bureau (2012) the life expectancy for a child born in the United States has increased from 70.8 years to 78.3 years since 1980. Wow!

While medicine can dramatically improve health and, at times, cure disease, we understand at Doctor's Choice Weight Loss that clients want to feel empowered and take control of their own health. While weight loss is the thrux of our program, a large component is for our clients to graduate with an understanding of which lifestyle choices will maintain that sense of empowerment.

As clients make the journey through the program and work towards their goal weights, we work with you to better understand why losing weight leads to a lower likelihood of the development of chronic diseases associated with obesity. For example, avoiding Diabetes (Type 2) and leads to a lower incidence of heart disease, kidney disease and stroke.

Our patients find that as they lose weight, they gain more energy. As you shed the pounds, our staff works with you to ensure that you understand and can manage food choices that are healthier for you. You will feel better eating those healthier choices as you become a leaner, healthier and, likely, more energetic and active you!

Doctor's Choice Weight Loss is a powerful program.

Musculoskeletal system


Our bodies were just not made to support the extra weight many of us carry.

While we are resilient beings, we have also developed definitions for obesity. The reason for having a definition for obesity is that we have a significant amount of scientific data that show patients who meet the criteria of obesity have more chronic disease! More heart disease, diabetes and the complications that come along with these processes, including heart attacks and strokes.

But obesity obviously means one is carrying excess weight. This excess weight must be born by the parts of your skeletal system that bear weight, including most importantly your low back, knees, hips and ankles.

Many obese patients come to us under the advise of there orthopedist. They have been advised to reduce weight to reduce chronic pain no these weight bearing parts. This type of chronic pain can produce a vicious circle. Pain makes one unwilling and unable to bear weight on their joints, making them less able to exercise, making them more likely to gain more weight!

Breaking this cycle often requires some initial weight loss and added energy from dieting. This enables patients to slowly start increasing exercise, enabling them to further unload their joints and be more comfortable getting more and more active.

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