Doctor's Choice Weight Loss

Initial Evaluation:

  • Weight Loss Treatment | New Port Richey FL | Spring HillPhysical Examination, Medical and Diet History
  • ECG and Blood Work
  • Complimentary Lipid Panel Analysis
  • Body Composition Analysis, BMI
  • Percent Body Fat Measurement

Consultation with a physician to thoroughly discuss individual goals and perceived obstacles. One-on-one instruction about metabolism, how it works and how the Doctor's Choice Weight Loss program can work for you. At this time, the doctor will also decide with you whether a medication appetite suppressant is right for you and discuss how the medication works.

Weekly Visits:

  • Weigh In
  • Body Composition Analysis, BMI
  • Body Fat Measurement
  • Review Progress and obstacles, if any
  • Adjust diet and / or medication, if needed

Maintenance Visits:

Maintenance is an integral and FREE part of Doctor's Choice Weight Loss. Clients may schedule appointments after they have completed the program for a weigh-in, body fat analysis and/or a meeting with a health counselor or physician to discuss: food choices, nutrition, recipes or just for moral support. Past patients have shared that they love this aspect of the program as helps them incorporate favorite foods and recipes into their ongoing plan to keep the weight off.


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