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  • Nurse Evaluation every week
  • Medication included!
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Physician Supervision

Most patients participate in a medically supervised diet that includes appetite suppressants and a reduced calorie diet.

To ensure our diet is safe and healthy, you will be evaluated each week. Also, you may see a physician if you desire or if needed.

Medications and Supplements

DCWL only uses medications and supplements with a long track record of safe and successful use in weight loss.

Our program is based on many scientific studies on weight loss.

Diet Flexibility

DCWL is now offering more flexibility with our diet. Years of experience and evidence based medicine are revealing what is best and appropriate for our patients. We place our patients on a structured diet to start but we will make adjustments as needed to promote weight loss, ensure our patients do not feel hungry and last but not least make the experience palatable and enjoyable.


Where do you go when you reach your goal weight? This can be the most important determinant of a successful program!

At DCWL one of our biggest features starts just when you think you are finished ! Once the weight is lost it is time to learn how to make sure you keep it off. Our staff will discuss with each and every patient diets and techniques to make sure the weight stays off ! We want to equip you with a toolbox of "tricks" , i.e. diet planning for when you notice you may have regained a few pounds. We also provide you with educational materials so we can put together lower calorie meals which you will enjoy, using foods you choose.

Let's face it, dieting does not end when you reach your goal weight.

Eating can and will be fun. We recognize that learning how to eat and how to portion our food is key to your lifelong success.


Not only will you be proud of yourself when you achieve your goals, you will enjoy being an expert in knowing how to eat and live for good health.


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