Jennifer B.

This was not the first weight loss program I have tried but it was the best !

Meeting with the physician was unrushed and we discussed my past dieting experience and what the program could do for me. I preferred their balance of food groups to prior programs.

The physician and I decided to use an appetite suppressant as I had done so before but at Doctors' Choice they seemed to tailor the dose to me personally, whereas the last program I participated in with several friends we were all put on the same medication and same dose, it seemed generic.

What really set the program apart was reaching my goal weight. In my last program reaching the goal meant moving on and directing my own diet with no guidance. At this program it starts an entirely new stage where the physician again sat down with me, provided me with educational materials, and walked me through creating my own diet based on his  recommendation of how many calories I should have from each food group. This part made it very easy for me to create my own meals and understand nutrition. With their guidance I was able to incorporate my favorite foods and understand how to make a meal plan work.

Thanks again Doctors Choice !

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