James H.

You guys helped me to change my life.

Your structured diet, and education program helped get me started on my journey. I was motivated to start a program, but your enthusiastic support and weekly advice and teaching helped me not only stick to the program but consistently improve my accomplishments and set loftier goals.

I think this is what truly differentiated your program.

I came in at 325 pounds and wanted to get to 250 pounds. While I was motivated you guys definitely kept refocusing me on my abilities and potential. I got wonderful results and subsequently we tailored my diet to fit my needs as I increased my exercise regimen to twice per day.

I finished at 195 pounds. Wow, this was fantastic. This included multiple customizations of my diet to meet my exercise and nutritional requirements. I couldnt have done this without Doctor's Choice and the unique way that you guys will customize diet’s based on how your patients are doing !

Thank you.

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